- What is Solace -

Solace- a subtle platform that is caring and supporting the children with long term illnesses, being shared by a compassionate group of individuals is always a shelter for the struggling families who are working hard to make their suffering child's tomorrow to exist. From 2007 onwards, Solace is addressing the medical, social and psychological issues of such families. Basically, we provide children with life-saving medicines on a monthly basis. Regular home care visits by a group of dedicated volunteers makes them feel that they are not alone. For cancer patients, we also provide funds for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and so on. Apart from medical support, we are providing them with social support which includes the travelling and stay expenses for taking the child to hospital for treatment, providing support to the siblings of the affected child, giving the food kits, conduct maintenance work such as repairing roofs of their homes during rains etc. We are conducting family strengthening programmes on a monthly manner which is fundamentally meant to empower these parents especially the mothers so that upon learning some small scale techniques, they can earn a little together with caring their child. Moreover, a monthly wise parent’s get together is also being conducted so as to create self-support groups.

Patients from all over Kerala is being directed to Solace especially by various medical colleges. This is mainly due to inefficiency of the existing government policies and schemes. Many times, we are forced to procure and disburse the lifesaving drugs to these children as these are not available in government hospitals and dispensaries. Hence a treatment in totality is being served by Solace. That is, both curative treatment as well as palliative treatment. More than nine lakh rupees is the expense that we are meeting every month apart from our other establishment expenses.

As per the norms of our bylaw, children above eighteen years are not supposed to be supported. But, due to the non-availability of a supportive system, we are forced to care our children who crossed eighteen years and still required care and support. It is a fact that, these families who have been given our support is always keeping us as their prime relatives. Regardless of a certificate to prove the financial backwardness, Solace is taking care of the children.