Social Support

When a child becomes ill, especially when it is a life threatening disease, the entire energy of the family becomes focused on the care of the child. This often involves a forgoing of even basic necessities for other members of the family. Siblings are affected the worst as their education, regular food, care and support often takes a backseat in relation to that of the ailing child. It is Solace’s aim to improve the quality of life of such families. Nearly 250 families are regularly aided monthly with food kits that include pulses, coconut oil, rice and other edible items. Many families depend heavily on these food kits for regular meals. Solace is struggling to meet the expense of these food kits as a kit costs nearly Rs 700/-.

In 2018, Solace Thrissur has provided school kits, including school bag, water bottle, umbrella etc., for nearly 500 children. Education of siblings of the ailing children is also a seriously supported by Solace. We also finance travel and stay expenses for treatment in hospitals. We back maintenance of homes, such as building roofs etc., and ensure provision of adequate sanitary facilities. Every unique need of the family is catered to.