- Social Support -

When one child becomes ill, especially when it is a life threatening disease, the entire attention of the family and activities focused on a single activity to make him back into life. When the whole thought changes into a single aim to bring him back into life, certainly every other responsibility got held up. The situation is more tragic in the case of his sibling. The parents always go in search of money to make the medicine available for the ailing child. The regular food, education of other child, proper shelter everything goes beyond the attention. Solace always stood to improve the quality of life of such families. As part of this social support, the basic necessities are to be addressed by Solace.

Nearly 250 families are regularly supported with food kits that include pulses, coconut oil, rice and other edible items on a monthly basis. These families are solely depending upon Solace for their existence. We are struggling hard to meet this expense as one food kit itself cost nearly seven hundred rupees. The education of the sibling is also a serious issue which is being attended by Solace. In many cases, the treatment will be totally free of cost but they have to reach and stay there to complete it. For this, we are supporting them with their travelling and stay expenses. There are cases in which the fundamental need of sanitation is lacking. This too becomes a part of Solace’s responsibility.