Medical Support

The major support given by Solace is in the medical field. We provide monetary support for obtaining medicines and sponsors cost of surgery, when it becomes difficult for the families to finance these. We provide rare medicines too for children suffering from Thalassemia, Nephrotic syndrome, Hormone deficiency and Hepatitis B. For instance, Solace provides Entaliv monthly for children suffering from Hepatitis B and Desirox (250mg and 500mg) for the young affected by Thalassemia. Solace provides these medicines as they are unavailable in government hospitals and bears their costs which amount to approximately Rs 50000/- monthly.

We have experienced that Govt. Medical Colleges are often unable to fulfill the primary needs of their patients. Once a patient is registered with Solace, we discuss with their current doctors and other medical experts to determine the best medical treatment available. We ensure that the best medical support is provided to the patient. Moreover, Solace also bears the expenses of Ayurvedic as well as homeopathic treatments and medicines.More than 1600 children are being taken care of by Solace with a monthly financial commitment crossing 13 Lakh Rupees.