- Medical Support-

Medical support is the major support given by Solace. With lot of schemes announced by the government of Kerala for supporting the children who are suffering from sickness, there is no visible relief we have ever experienced. Till date, the support we are being provided is increasing only. Several discussions and debates were being conducted by us with various medical colleges, but on conclusion, they are helpless to take the baton. Why need of such schemes which are still in websites and notifications if it never reaches to the needy hands is one of the question which we are regularly hearing from the parents. The detailed annexure is attached along with this. The registration is increasing day by day as the medical colleges under government are not sufficiently providing them even with the primary support.

Even without medical bills, we are forced to share the cost of medicines. We provide medicines to children suffering from Thalassemia, Nephrotic syndrome, Hormone deficiency and Hepatitis B. Solace caters to children with Hepatitis B who are being provided with Entaliv, monthly. Similarly children suffering from Thalassemia are provided with Desirox (250 mg and 500mg) monthly. These medicines are being provided to the patients primarily as they are not available at Government Medical Colleges. The list of patients being provided with these medicines is being attached. The monthly commitment for the above amounts to approximately Rs 50000/-. Moreover, Ayurvedic as well as homeopathic medicine expenses are also being shared by Solace. Several times, the cost of surgery becomes a heavy hardship for the child to get back into life and we are bound to support the cost of surgery.