- Join -

Any individual from any walk of life who is willing to involve, assist and agree with our cause can join and associate with our activities in a number of ways. We list a few among them.

  1. Register as a member and involve in the day to day activities of Solace.
  2. Register as a volunteer and be a part of home care mobilization activities, hospital help desk member, public awareness programme team member etc.
  3. Providing financial contribution for activities of Solace.
  4. Donating materials for use and welfare of child patients like clothing, cots, beds, computers, electronic games, toys, food materials, books, etc.
  5. Sponsoring a designated ailing child for his treatment expenses.
  6. Sponsoring any of the activities, programmes of Solace to be conducted in its pursuit to achieve its goals and objectives to reach out to the public.
  7. Sponsoring to provide a clean and hygienic space to stay for a very poor child patient by repairing or performing the necessary maintenance of his shelter.
  8. Sponsoring a surviving child for his study and other related expenses.
  9. Volunteering for mobilizing like minded people / organization of his area to involve in activities of Solace for assisting in the care and well being of the patient and family.
  10. Helping a child for getting better treatment through individual connections and relations with specialist doctors, hospitals etc in any possible manner.
  11. Volunteer to spread message of Solace to wider audience through print and electronic media.

We welcome your suggestions and guidance. Please submit your application with full details and your specific areas of interest specially mentioning "how you are going to help Solace by joining us".