- Home caring-

Home caring is being conducted with our dedicated group of volunteers on a weekly manner. One vehicle is exclusively committed for the home care visits. Once a patient is registered in Solace, we will visit their home to analyze their psychological and social issues. It is through these home care visits, the prime problems or issues are being addressed. There are several cases, in which the child is cared in very pathetic condition like in a place where there is not even a roof to cater the child from rain and dust. In such case, we took it as our responsibility in making the atmosphere favorable for the child. A small support sometimes aid the child much more than high doses of medicines.

Parents will not share all their issues in office and only when we reach their place, we are learning the hardships they suffer. Even though there are several schemes which government had announced, no such support is reaching to these affected families. We are reaching almost all areas of Thrissur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kochi and Kozhikode for these home care visits. It is highly regretful that many times, our support and presence is being demanded by these families even when they are admitted in hospitals.