Home caring

Home care is conducted in a weekly manner by Solace’s committed group of volunteers, and a vehicle in each center is exclusively allotted for this purpose. Once a patient is registered after a series of investigations into their social background and medical history to determine their needs, we also visit weekly to analyze their psychological and social issues. It is through these home care visits that we have often determined their major issues. More than once it was found that the child is not cared for in a safe or hygienic place, or even a home with a roof to protect from rain and dust. In such cases, our responsibility is to make the atmosphere favourable for the child, be it providing for proper maintenance of home or shifting to a more hygienic environment

Solace youth plays a major role in these home care visits often bonding with the children and their families, and taking them out to reduce stress and bring relief. The youth have also often stayed at hospitals to care for their young charges when the families need extra help.