Solace's Founder

Ms. Sheeba Ameer, who has been in the field of palliative care for more than seventeen years, initiated Solace in 2007. The years of her struggling for her daughter in various hospitals including the three complete years in Mumbai's Tata Hospital, which is Asia's largest cancer treatment centre made her to think of starting an organization for supporting the children suffering from long term illnesses. There, she felt the most contrasting situation. She saw many children and their parents suffering from poverty. Many parents weren't able to afford even the food their ailing child needed. They wouldn't be sure whether their child would live or not and yet they couldn't stay by their child's side - they had to go to work so as to earn a livelihood. Such sights bothered her no end. It was from there she determined to lend some support to such children.

With her suffering daughter on one side, she used to take part in the palliative activities of the Pain and Palliative Care Society, Thrissur, Kerala which was her homework. For seven years, she went there almost every day after tending to her daughter's needs. She spend time with patients of terminal illnesses and their families which make her to learn how to take complete care of a person diagnosed with cancer or any other life-threatening disease. The experience from there was the building blocks and strength in starting "Solace" nearly nine years ago with a dedicated team of trustees and volunteers. The only intention was to do something for the children who are suffering from long term life threatening illnesses. At the very beginning, a support to at least 15 children was the thought but then that number grew in hundreds and now the support spreads into more than 1300 children suffering from cancer, thalassemia, cerebral palsy, nephrotic syndrome, hemophilia, heart diseases, fits, wilsons disease, mental retardation, juvenile arthritis, epilepsy, hearing loss etc.