- After Care Centre in Thrissur -

Solace has come across several cases where children suffering from serious diseases do not have a safe hygienic home to return on discharge from hospital. An After Care Centre where such deserving children can be accommodated for a short period like a vacation home has become an immediate necessity. We have been donated 20 cents of land by Kuwait Insurance Company for this purpose. We are at the final stage of constructing an eco-friendly building of around 4000sq.ft. in this land at an estimate of Rs. 64,00,000/-. The after care centre is planned so as to include more than forty inmates at a time. An indoor play area equipped with toys, a library, small scale class rooms are exclusively meant for these sick children to make them feel that they too can have a place to laugh and play with others. The mothers too can feel a comfort in seeing this and moreover they can have a relaxing time from their everlasting hardships. A nursing station is also provided in the after care centre through which the immediate needs can be addressed.


SARAI is a joint building which is being constructed under the land allocated by the Government of Kerala. The building is an own one of Solace office cum training and rehabilitation centre.