About Us

Suddenly the medical diagnosis bares the truth: Your little son or daughter is affected by cancer or any other long term disease. The tranquility of an otherwise peaceful home is shattered. You pool in all financial reserves to save the child from the jaws of the disease. Initially some friends or relatives may offer help. As the illness prolongs and treatment drags on you cannot attend to your work, other children in the family cannot concentrate on their studies, your spouse cannot do the daily chores and your old parents may lie uncared for. The whole family is dejected and helpless. Here steps in SOLACE, a voluntary organisation registered as a trust under the charitable societies Act of Kerala.

Solace extends support to get the best available medical treatment for the suffering child in tandem with the medical fraternity. It provides a little more space for the child to make him / her happy. It stands by the family helping them face the harsh realities, strengthening and comforting them. Indeed SOLACE is a friend in need, a friend who supports a family living through the stress and strain, financial cares and even debt traps. How can a kindhearted person who cherishes the noble values be a part of Solace? You can contribute money, books, clothes, toys, your vibrant ideas infused with love and empathy.


To extend moral, social and financial support to children suffering from life threatening diseases.


To kindle love and compassion in fellow beings through our philanthropic activities.